Recruitment post

Technician (2)

1. College degree or above, with long-term work intention, age 26-45

2. Able to adapt to the nature of long-term business trip, able to endure hardship, able to go to the well, working experience is preferred

3. The probation period is 3 months, the salary + subsidy is more than 3000 yuan, after the probation period, the salary + subsidy is more than 8000 yuan, and the subsidy will be increased appropriately for those who have been employed for one year and meet the technician standard.


1. Independent drawing recognition, with the operation ability of riveter for large welded structural parts

2. Argon arc welding and handlebar welding operation ability, strong welding ability is preferred

3. Special work operation certificate issued by safety supervision bureau is preferred

4. Under the age of 50, with more than 5 years operation experience is preferred


1. Carry out welding of product parts and structural parts to ensure welding quality

2. Gas shielded welding operation for more than 3 years

3. Welder certificate preferred

4. Under age 50

Mechanical drawing

Work content:

1. Measure product dimensions and draw drawings.

2. Arrange and file the technical files.

3. Disassemble, draw and plot.


1. Interns are acceptable and proficient in software use.

2. Mechanical automation.

3. Willing to develop in the field of machinery for a long time.

4. Be willing to learn how to ask and be able to accept business trip.

Lee Ying Hui

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Copyright ©2020Liaoning Xinfeng mining (Group) Co., Ltd All rights reserved.

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