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Xinfeng engineering company

Liaoning Xinfeng mining (Group) Mining Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Liaoning Xinfeng mining (Group) Co., Ltd., which was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company has ten project departments and one technical service department, with more than 500 employees.

The company has a professional team with high quality and high efficiency, and has the ability to undertake the construction of mine driving, coal mining, equipment installation, equipment maintenance, etc. at home and abroad. In 2008, the company used the mechanized installation and withdrawal process independently developed, which was first used in Huaneng Tong Coal Industry company, and filled the technical gap in the coal industry at home and abroad.

The tenet of the enterprise is "unremitting innovation, serving the whole country". With standardized management mode, adhering to the construction concept of "mechanization, intelligence and labor game", the enterprise ranks first in the field of installation and withdrawal engineering and creates the brand of "Xinfeng".

  • ·Ningxia coal company 1118 upper 106 working face to 118 upper 105 working face relocation project

  • ·Removal project of 3221-21 comprehensive mining face in Taiping mine of Sichuan Coal Group

  • ·6201 Withdrawal Project of Yidong group poverty alleviation coal mine in Inner Mongolia

  • ·Installation project of 020901 working face in huangbaici mine of Shenhua Group

  • Inner Mongolia Yidong group sunjiahao Coal Co., Ltd. 1602 working face equipment withdrawal and 1604 working face equipment installation project

  • ·9-705 working face recycling project of Pangpangta coal mine of Huozhou Coal Power Group

  • ·Tiemei group Inner Mongolia Donglin Coal Co., Ltd

  • ·2504 working face installation project of 1505 working face of baimaogou coal industry of xukuang group

  • ·Tiemei group Inner Mongolia Donglin Coal Co., Ltd

  • ·Demolition project of 422 comprehensive mining face in Haizi coal mine of Huaibei Mining Co., Ltd

  • ·Xuzhou Mining (Group) Xinjiang Tianshan coal industry 5102 working face recycling project

  • ·Withdrawal Project of 8216 comprehensive mining face in Tongting Coal Mine of Huaibei Mining Group

  • ·Removal project of 7441 working face in Sanhejian coal mine of Xuzhou Mining Group Co., Ltd

  • ·Demolition and withdrawal project of 21217 working face of Dongpang mine of Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd

  • ·Expansion and installation project of equipment transfer from working face 1007 to working face 1008 in Fucun coal industry of Zaozhuang Mining (Group)

  • ·1601 working face installation project of Baoshan BMW mining company in Inner Mongolia

  • ·2-603 installation project of Sanjiaohe mine of Huozhou Coal Power Group

  • ·Installation project of 415 fully mechanized coal face retreating 425 fully mechanized coal face of Yakeshi Wujiu coal company, Inner Mongolia

  • ·20910 face equipment withdrawal and 2098 face equipment installation project of Feizhou Linhua Mining Co., Ltd

  • ·1203-2 comprehensive mining face recycling project of Inner Mongolia Baiyinhua Haizhou Open Pit Coal Industry Co., Ltd

  • ·Installation and demolition project of w1106 and 105 comprehensive mining face of Donglin coal company of Tiemei group

  • ·Main shaft simple installation project of wucaochang coal mine, Tongda coal industry, Inner Mongolia

  • ·Demolition of 1203 working face and installation of 5202 working face of Pingliang Xin'an Coal Industry Co., Ltd

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Copyright ©2020Liaoning Xinfeng mining (Group) Co., Ltd All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2020Liaoning Xinfeng mining (Group) Co., Ltd All rights reserved.

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